IMP BaW Drift - Reference

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DNA CEA Clear 08/2017

OFA Results-Hips Good, Elbows Normal

IGS- Clear

MDR1 Status- Non Mutant/Clear

TNS and CL - Normal/Clear


Drift is our first import dog and he came all the way from Belgium to join the pack at Raves View Farms. He was a kennel only dog in his previous life so the free range lifestyle that we have here is a big leap for this little guy. He is very shy at first but has a kind soul. Drift Loves the water and loves herding more! On sheep, he shows a natural balance and grace but is very strong when the sheep get stubborn. You would never think this soft spoken guy has a bite but he will show you otherwise on tough stock. We have only begun to start him in training but I cant wait to see what he will become

Offspring: RVF BrandyRVF BrianaRVF StarRVF Luna

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