RVF Brianna ABCA# 463927


IMG 0075.jpg

DNA CEA Carrier 

OFA Results- To young

IGS- Clear Parentage

MDR1 Status- Non Mutant/Clear Parentage

TNS and CL - Normal/Clear Parentage

Bri is an amazing little gal that has TONS of potential. At 12 weeks she could balance ducks to me and lay down at a distance. She knows sit, shake, roll over, tug, spin and many other tricks since 8 weeks old. Her build is that of her half sisters, stocky and short but very small. She so far has not reached more than 26 lbs. This little one will be the one to watch as she gets older for sure as she could do any sport. Her parents are RVF Malibu and IMP BaW Drift

IMG 0084.jpg
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