Goat & Sheep Services


*Travel fee is applicable TO ALL FARM CALLS

New Goat Owners- Great for first time goat owners or new goats to the farm. Nutrition consultation, general herdsman care and pointers. Only $25 or Hourly depending

Hoof trimming $15 per animal

Blood Draws $12 per animal (Owners send in samples. We fill out paperwork together and you will have all the information needed to send it in for CAE, CL, Johnes & OPP, and pregnancy testing)

Tattoos $4 per ear/tail web side

NEW! Herdsman for hire! Hourly rate for all your routine goat care needs. Let me work for YOU disbudding, banding, you name it! Please email or call for more information.

Body Clipping $35 For any goat needing a summer hair-cut or prep for a show.

Fast, friendly, knowledgable. Serving Clackamas and surrounding counties such as Washington, Multnomah, and Clark since 2008. Click HERE for travel rates*. 

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