RVF Luna - ABCA#480182

 MG 6692 copy.jpg

DOB: 02/09/19

PEDIGREE : Panda X Drift

DNA CEA: Carrier

OFA Results-To young

IGS- Clear

MDR1 Status- Non Mutant, Clear

TNS and CL - Normal/Clear

Luna came to us though chance when she was to shy to find a home of her own. For 8 months she was left top be a wild dog and left up to her own devices. Often she found herself in trouble chasing the quads or the horses. Since coming to my farm she has learned about car rides, other animals, how to act around humans and how to live in peace. She has been a major undertaking getting her to come out of her shy shell and trusting people but we were up for it. Her first time on sheep she wasn’t sure what to do and just barked at them. It took about an hour of her figuring them out before she found they were awesome. Now she begs to go herd the sheep and she is showing great drive. While she isn’t as fearless as her sister she has natural ability to read the stock. She will be training down in California this spring and we will be running stock for nursery levels by summer we hope! Stay tuned for updates as she progresses. 

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