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Mack is a very strong dog that holds his own on tough stock. From a young age he showed interest in stock and we were able to start training him early. He knows his flanks, stops and walk up and is a great help holding stock off the feeders (which is no easy task). His driving is coming along well and I find he almost prefers that to fetching. Mack is a joy to work as he picks up on things fast with and never gives up.  He has a lot of natural balance and he knows what his job is when we go to work. He is line bred to 2000 supreme international sheepdog champion #Bob and 2007 supreme international sheep dog winner ##Roy. Mack has had 6 litters and I co-own many of those dogs today. HE HAS BEEN SOLD

DNA CEA CLEAR 07/10/16

OFA Elbows : Normal 

OFA Hips: Fair

Penn Hip Results- 49 DI and in the 90% percentile 

IGS- Clear

MDR1: Non Mutant, Clear

DM: Clear

TNS and CL - Normal/Clear

Red Carrier


May 2018- High Combined Started Dog Ashland, OR

May 2018- Started Cattle title ASCA 

May 2018 - Started Sheep title ASCA

May 2018- Started Duck title ASCA

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