Gotland Sheep


Gotlands are friendly, calm, graceful and symmetrical sheep. Lambs are born to nurturing mothers and are hornless and short tailed. They are a medium sized, with substance and underline; moderate depth and width and well proportioned.

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Their height at two years old is 25-32 inches at the top of the shoulder. Mature ewes 120-155 lbs; mature rams 160 lbs and up.

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Very easy going, they adapt will to small farm settings and management systems. They are excellent for herding because they flock together naturally and are not known to be aggressive towards the dog. 

Gotlands are a long wool breed. Their wool has a natural luster and curl in its appearance. The fleece is long (3” to 7” in length), often requiring shearing twice a year. Colors are solid. 

Fleece is dense and curly, covering body completely. Wool grade: 29-34 microns on an adult. 

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