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We have a very small group of LaManchas but they produce delicious milk and are the backbone to our farm. Each year we breed to only the highest quality bucks and strive for confirmation and longevity. Our goats are CAE, CL and Johnes tested each year and we maintain a closed herd. We are proud to announce we have tested negative for all three for 15 years straight.  We feed only high protein alfalfa and organic feeds to ensure that our products and animals are top notch.

Ravens View Farms Blitz- L1599578

Pictured @ 10 Years old

 MG 4737.jpg
ravens view farms blitz udder

Blitz is a large girl with a wonderful udder and super easy to milk. She excels in dairy character with great spring of rib and depth of body. In 2007& 2008 has won best udder at the Columbia County Fair. Even at 10 years old, Blitz is producing albs of milk per day and is still standing very correct on her pasterns  Her last kid is proving to be a lot lie her mother and we are excited to work up this line of experimental does. 

Barnowl Alexis- L1689037

(Pictured @ 1 year old)

 MG 4829 (1).jpg


S: *B Alder*Rose Chinook
D: Barnowl Amedei

This lovely doe has matured into a wonderful girl. She excels in dairy character with a tall stance, wide rump and openness of rib. At 1 year old we have high hopes for her udder development next year. 

Olentangy Bad Elsa-L1689038

(Pictured @ 1 year old)

 MG 4777.jpg

Elsa has matured into a beautiful doe! As a FF she is miking over 10 pounds and is on milk test. Her teat placement is amazing and her teat size is just right for hand or machine milking.  Her parents are both well known goats who have done very well in the show ring and in milk production. Elsa excels in her top line and is very level and she has a very angular, wide rump. 

Raven’s View Farms Finale in C - RG1767420 

(Pictured as a dry yearling)

 MG 4770.jpg

S: *B Fir Meadow Cor Coriander 

D: Raven’s View Farms Blitz

 Raven’s View Farms B Esme- L177350

 MG 6379.jpg

 MG 6279.jpg

Raven’s View Farms B Eve - L177349

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