RVF Fly High *** FOR SALE ***


              FOR SALE

ABCA and AKC registered 4 years old, Spayed, smooth coat


Dam: Becca

Sire: Wallie

DNA CEA Not affected

CL Status Not affected                                                                                                                                                                           

RVF Fly is still looking for the perfect home! Must be a sporting or herding home as she excels at agility, fly ball, rally, herding or barn hunt. She has a basic start in all of these sports and has AKC titles in Trick dog. Her favorite  sport is herding followed by barn hunt. She is fast fast! She is always on the go which can make her a little bit difficult to live with. Inside, she paces around objects like toys or tables.  She loves playing with her toys or squeezing her ball. She will entertain herself happily for hours which is a blessing and keeps her out of trouble.  She is house broke, crate trained and has very good leash manners. She is like glue when you go for walks and is good off leash or on. Fly likes to be with her person and will check back in with you if you are outside and likes to keep you within sight. She is fine with cats and chickens. Fly is very respectful and doesn’t jump on people or furniture. She is very of strangers unless you tell her it is ok but honestly that isn’t a bad thing in my book as you can go for a walk and she doesn’t want to run up to everyone she sees. She is currently running with my pack of BCs and does ok. She would prefer to be an only dog as she doesn’t really play with the other dogs. She is 4 years old, double registered, fixed and has all her vaccinations. I can’t stress enough the importance of a serious competition home, this girl can WIN for you. Below are three videos, the first is some of her tricks. Second  and third is just her on a normal day inside. I included a video of how she paces so you can see. 



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